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All of my stories, as archived over on my writing journal, jezebel_rising . Enjoy. 

The Archive


books: The Shaping of Middle-Earth

Title: The Shaping of Middle-Earth
Author: JRR Tolkien, ed. Christopher Tolkien
Genre: fiction and non-fiction
Pages 471
Thoughts: The more I read into Tolkien's layers of histories, the more I mourn the fact that he never got around to writing the Fall of Gondolin. Like. Goddamn would that be epic. Also? Most of the problems between the elves and the Valar before Morgoth ruined it all could have been solved if MANWE USED HIS FUCKING WORDS AND SPOKE TO PEOPLE. *smacks him*


books: Poems

Title: Poems
Author: AC Swinburne
Genre: poetry
Pages: 231
Thoughts: this is my ~1904 edition of Swinburne's poems, which has the Hymn to Proserpine that I like so much. I finally read the rest of it, and while I agree with (I forget who said it) that Swinburne's an ass at times towards women, he can turn a nice line. I used his book as a mine for fic titles, because I SUCK at titling stuff.



books: Encyclopedia of Superstitions

Title: The Encyclopedia of Superstitions
Author: E and M.A. Radford, ed. Christina Hole
Pages: 384
Genre: non-fiction
Thoughts: So this thing was published in...1948. And boy does it show it. It's got some rather sexist and racist remarks in it, and rather dull really in the grand scheme of things. I thought it was going to be a lot cooler than it was. Ah well.


books: The Book of Lost Tales vol.2

Title: The Book of Lost Tales vol.2
Author: JRR Tolkien, ed. Christopher Tolkien
Pages: 391
Genre: fantasy and non-fiction
Thoughts: The history behind the older Tolkien tales are fascinating. I really, really wish the Fall of Gondolin would have been completed because holy crap it's kind of awesome what we do have of it.


books: The Book of Lost Tales vol.1

Title: The Book of Lost Tales 1
Author: JRR Tolkien, edited by Christopher Tolkien
Genre: fantasy and non-fiction
Pages: 345
Thoughts: It's always interesting to get a glimpse into how the world was made and the myths that made it up. Christopher Tolkien can sound like a pompous ASS sometimes, but the insights into his fathers works are interesting.


books: The Lays of Beleriand

Title: The Lays of Beleriand
Author: JRR Tolkien, ed. Christopher Tolkien
Genre: Fantasy/non-fiction
Pages: 465
Thoughts: One of the things I love about looking into the making of Middle Earth and the other various writings from Tolkien, is the little bits and pieces we get - like the names of the men from Barahir's party, of whom I think only Gorlim makes it to the Silmarillion. Things like that. Also it never fails to amuse me just how much of a shipper Tolkien was (and this is my party line and I will die by it) that Turin and Beleg were SO IN LOVE. Like. Beren and Luthien levels almost, but coded in that very MANLY language of ETERNAL BFFFFFFFFFFFS. No one will convince me otherwise.


the hall is a portal to hell I think

I have never been so happy to have an air conditioner in my life. We live on the top floor of an apartment building that does not come with AC. As you can imagine, heat rises. Stepping out into my hall this morning was a little like stepping out on a path to hell and it was 8 am.

Do. Not. Want.



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